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Invest in People. Not Employees.

The current advice surrounding how to engage employees complicates things. It makes it feel like there is some complex formula that goes into it - as if employees are some other life form that we can’t understand. What the advice seems to miss is the understanding that employees are simply human beings. They are people that have desires and needs beyond just being an ‘employee’. A job is simply part of the human experience, and a company’s role in this is to provide opportunities for people to thrive. That will never happen if we don’t start thinking of employees as more than numbers on a spreadsheet or an otherworldly life form needing to be ‘engaged’.

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The Cheerleader, the Strategist and the Guru

As leaders today, we have the opportunity to unleash the potential of the largest generation in the U.S. workforce. But, in our rush to be disruptors and to re-invent the wheel for Millennials, we should be careful not to overlook the fundamentals of traditional development initiatives that will serve this generation well. Millennials have grown up with face to face interactions and interpersonal connections replaced by technology and platforms that, while efficient and often effective, cannot replace the powerful and rewarding experience of a mentoring relationship.

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