Experiences that develop your leaders & inspire your team

Elevate purpose, promote inclusion & cultivate leadership competencies in your employees to help build a thriving culture

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welcome to ignite

We exist to help your company culture thrive. We become your people development partner to increase retention and productivity through experiences your employees will love.

Our powerful experiences integrate leadership development with community service to strengthen your team and culture. Connect with inspiring people, engage with local community organizations and acquire the skills needed to lead in a complex workplace.

Develop leaders for a better world. 



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Stimulate innovation, communication & emotional intelligence skills 


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Facilitate cultural competencies needed for a more diverse & inclusive workplace


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Provide community engagement that deepens personal & professional purpose


inspire your team through experiences that combine:


Leadership Themes

  • Development trainings  
  • Expert facilitators
  • Experiential learning

Community Engagement

  • Non-profit collaberation
  • Tangible impact
  • Memorable connections
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Team Connection

  • Curated excursions
  • Team building adventures
  • Serious fun

We currently facilitate 1 day experiences in Chicago, and 3 to 5 day journeys in Appalachia and Latin America


trusted by companies everywhere