leadership development for the purpose-driven workplace

Increase productivity, improve retention & enhance brand equity through a series of powerful experiences for emerging leaders & high potentials

Leadership Experience

Welcome to Ignite

We now work in a purpose-driven economy. Top talent is increasingly searching for, and staying at, companies that invest in their growth & purpose.

Here at Ignite, we help companies navigate this significant shift by providing a series of purposeful & immersive experiences that combine learning & development, community engagement and team connection to help drive your business outcomes.

92% of participants from Salesforce, RXBAR, Leo Burnett, Medtronic and more say our experiences have increased their leadership abilities and their motivation at work.

It’s leadership development for the purpose-driven workplace.

Powerful & immersive experiences that combine:



Develop leadership skills through experiential learning 



Exposure to community organizations & local issues


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Team bonding, collaboration & fun


Each experience leans into one or more leadership themes facilitated by experts for maximum impact and results:

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Effective Communication


Learning Agility

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

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Inclusive Leadership

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Strategic Thinking


Want to pilot one of our experiences before rolling it out more broadly to your team? Join our upcoming 1-day leadership immersion on inclusion - reach out for pilot pricing.

our experiences cultivate stronger leaders and teams:

toasting on trip


have an increased sense of purpose at their company

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want to stay longer & grow as a leader at their company

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have an increased ability to articulate & apply leadership strategies


trusted by companies everywhere