This day-long immersion will cultivate more inclusive, empathetic and self-aware team members prepared to lead on issues related to DEI. 

The workshops, community engagement with skilled immigrants and refugees, and team collaboration provide contextual learning opportunities to recognize bias and apply inclusive leadership thinking and behaviors.

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Demonstrated understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)  best practices and how they drive business outcomes

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Increased ability to use active listening, body language and positive response to enhance effective team communication

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A plan to apply communication skills and DEI strategies to facilitate a more inclusive company culture

connect, inspire & transform in one unforgettable day

MORNING  // Breakfast & Effective Communication Workshop

After a welcome breakfast and intention setting, we dive into a high-energy session on Effective Communication.  Participants will engage in improv techniques and exercises to cultivate competencies such as active listening, welcoming body language and positive response - all traits of inclusive leaders. The session is focused on practical takeaways that will improve daily interactions and enhance team and corporate culture.

MID-DAY  // Community Engagement With Upwardly Global

Today’s leadership themes and learning outcomes will be enhanced through real-world interaction with our high-impact social partner, Upwardly Global. We’ll facilitate meaningful one-on-one interaction around interview prep and social skills for highly-skilled yet underemployed immigrants and refugees. As we encourage their job search process, we have the opportunity to address our own biases, improve active listening skills and enhance cultural awareness for inclusive leadership. This session includes a shared lunch from an immigrant owned restaurant.

AFTERNOON  // Applying DEI Best Practices Workshop & 30 Day Action Plan

Our afternoon will be spent exploring DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) challenges and strategies for an inclusive corporate culture. Participants will assess their company’s current state and engage in honest dialogue about DEI challenges. Best practices will be shared followed by discussions and exercises designed to identify personal and and corporate action steps. This session will also provide the framework for broader support and impact by aligning DEI priorities with strategic business outcomes. Participants will be guided through an exercise to identify priorities, stakeholders and action steps for applying the day’s leadership lessons.

EVENING  // Cultural Dinner Celebration

We’ll enjoy a private culinary experience at  an immigrant owned restaurant in one of Chicago’s most diverse neighborhoods. In a final debrief, participants will recap learnings, share insights and celebrate new connections.

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Each experience is facilitated by our curated faculty who have expertise & practical experience to coach your team to their full potential. It extends the learning & application of our experiences to real-time work situations.

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our community Engagement

Upwardly Global, our nonprofit partner for this experience, is focused on eliminating barriers for skilled immigrants and refugees and to integrate this population into the professional U.S. workforce. They are committed to building the United States into a country where skilled immigrants are seamlessly integrated into the professional workforce and the fabric of American life, and are recognized for the value they add to both.

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