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our journeys combine...

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Exceptional food,
music & culture

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community engagement

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excursions & unique
local experiences

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Mexico  //  4 days

Visit San Pancho, a vibrant beach-town just north of Puerto Vallarta. Engage first-hand with inspiring women entrepreneurs. Get a tortilla-making lesson from the mayor's wife. And, eat your way through local ceviche, margaritas on the beach and of course tacos too.

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Appalachia  //  4 days

The Great Smoky Mountains provide a stunning backdrop for personal and professional development. Connect with inspiring people, explore amazing hiking trails and cultivate your sense of purpose through this powerful leadership experience.

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Zambia  //  9 days

Deep cultural immersion - learn from local leaders and engage with students at a community school. Share meals in local hosts. The journey is topped-off with amazing, bucket-list adventure, including a visit to Victoria Falls and a full-day safari in Botswana.

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