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How to Become a Manager People Love: Focus on Strengths (lab)

Cost: $75 (value of $150); Limited to 30 Members

If you are a member and want to invite a guest, contact us at If you want to join this experience but aren’t a member, apply for membership here.

Studies show that focusing on strengths is the best path to personal growth and the most effective way to manage other people. In this session, members will analyze their own strengths (via the CliftonStrengths by Gallup assessment) and participate in discussions and exercises to apply their strengths at work. We’ll also see how focusing on the strengths of others leads to more effective people management. This Leadership Lab is intended for project and people managers and will require about 30 minutes of pre-work.  

Leadership Themes: Influence, Motivation, Strategic Thinking

By the end of this experience, participants will be able to:

  • Identify their personal strengths and how they show up in the workplace

  • Understand how to leverage their strengths to become a more effective manager

  • Learn how to motivate and inspire their colleagues and team with a strengths-based approach