Nicaragua Signature Impact

5 days // August 8-12, 2018

an important note re: journeys to nicaragua:

Due political turmoil, we are currently suspending all our journeys to Nicaragua. We will maintain open communications with our partners on the ground and we hope the country's social unrest will ease quickly and peacefully both for the people of Nicaragua and so that we can continue to introduce travelers to this incredible, vibrant community. We plan to revisit this decision regularly - if you want more information or want to be notified once we are able to put these journeys back on the calendar, don't hesitate to reach out.

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culturally empowering, mutually beneficial and focused on lasting impact


Meaningful engagement with community & local leaders

incredible natural beauty and cultural highlights

exceptional meals and Accommodations in boutique hotels

August 8-12, 2018


Experience registration includes all in-country expenses including meals, lodging (assuming double occupancy - single room upgrade available for $300), transportation, activities and excursions. Registration  does not include the cost of flight - contact your company representative to determine whether your flight expenses are covered.


5 days of life-changing and world-changing adventure

Get a 90 second glimpse of the Journey in store...

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Enjoy your stay in boutique Nicaraguan hotels that balance local flavor with comfortable amenities.



These adventures make the experience all the more memorable.

This experience includes a stunning hike up an active volcano and (if you’re feeling adventurous) the opportunity to board to the bottom. Also included are an evening along the Pacific Ocean, a visit to a coffee farm, a night on the town in the vibrant and picturesque city of Granada and other adventures and surprises along the way. (All activities assume appropriate weather and availability.)

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our community partner in Nicaragua

Association Las Tías was started by eight women after the revolution and subsequent Contra Wars swept the nation in the 70's and 80's and left thousands of children homeless. They began reaching out to these children to provide shelter, education and health with what little they had. Today, they have two thriving community centers that provide meals, education, health care, job skills training and micro-loans to the local community.

Ignite’s philanthropic arm, Spark Ventures, has been working with Las Tías since 2012 to provide sustainable support and empowerment. As part of the community engagement, Ignite travelers learn and participate in the Las Tías community center programs, help facilitate creative and team building projects, share meals with the Las Tías leaders, and participate in other rich cultural exchange and collaboration.

Community Engagement

our experiences are built around partnerships that empower communities

Engage in projects that are creative, physical or strategic.
  • Creative projects include academic learning, reading, art, music and sports.
  • Physical activities include giving local workers a break from their regular duties in the kitchen, serving meals, or joining projects like painting, planting, or landscaping.
  • Strategic activities are designed to match travelers with specific skill sets or backgrounds with organizational, business, or leadership development related needs and opportunities.
On this trip, you'll work alongside leaders at Las Tías in León, Nicaragua. Learn more about Las Tías' powerful community work via our philanthropic partner, Spark Ventures - here.

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Ignite experiences are operated in close collaboration with our primary philanthropic partner, Spark Ventures. with 10+ years of experience building partnerships that lift communities out of poverty, we ensure our experiences are rooted in these deep relationships, are mutually beneficial and have lasting impact.

The Fine Print

Registration ends July 8, 2018 or as soon as the journey is registered in full. We encourage you to register as early as possible to ensure that you have plenty of time for preparations. Our journeys fill up quickly.

Ignite reserves the right to cancel journeys with less than 6 confirmed individuals. 

What is included with your registration? The journey includes all in-country expenses including airport transport, meals, lodging, in-country transportation & transfers, activities and excursions, plus a philanthropic contribution to our local partner organization, Las Tías of León, Nicaragua. The journey assumes double occupancy. Want your own room? We provide the option for a $300 upgrade after you register.

What is not included in the registration? Your registration does not include the cost of your international flight (arriving and departing from Managua International Airport - MGA). Contact your company representative to determine whether your flight expenses are covered.

Want to extend your stay on your own? We have recommendations on activities and excursions to make it even more memorable - just ask.


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