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Develop stronger leaders and teams through Powerful travel experiences

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For the last 10 years, we’ve orchestrated powerful journeys that develop and retain top talent. We partner with companies to cultivate better leaders and stronger teams while making a difference in the world. See how our journeys can help you.

3 to 5 day journeys

Mexico & Appalachia

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Groups of up to 25

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Networking or Team Only

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combines immersion, exchange and exploration

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develops and retains globally-minded leaders who are:

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strategic & mindful

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collaborative & creative

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empathetic & inclusive

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“The best investment to engage, develop and recognize employees"

Sonya Jackson, United

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“Attract and retain top talent and exceed Millennial expectations”

Ross Parr, Salesforce

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“Demonstrated ROI: improved retention, productivity and employee brand”

Sharon Ray, Kraft

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How we work with companies

We work with companies of all sizes who offer our journeys to recognize and develop loyal employees and emerging leaders. Companies either provide our Networking Journeys, which take place throughout the year in different locations and fill fast with employees from multiple companies, or work with us to offer an exclusive journey for just their company. 

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Tangible ROI

Our journeys increase employee loyalty, reducing the high cost of turnover while developing the leaders you need to navigate the evolving workplace. Your team members will return more strategic, collaborative and inclusive - and your company will see marked improvement in engagement, productivity, and retention.

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We do all the heavy lifting

For the cost of sending an employee to a conference, we take care of everything. This includes boutique accommodations, exceptional meals, excursions, a donation to our community partner, carbon offsets, and facilitation of the leadership development itinerary. We also provide all branded communication to announce the initiative.


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"The Key To The Employee Experience: how travel can ignite employee productivity & retention"

"How Four Days In Mexico Transformed My Perspective on the Employee Experience"

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