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The world-class, culturally diverse city of Chicago is the perfect setting to explore the theme of inclusion. Trainings on active listening and inclusive leadership will prepare your team to navigate complex issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). Our experiential curriculum, developed in collaboration with our strategic partner Ethos, includes best practices, relevant team interactions, and meaningful cross-cultural engagement with our non-profit partner Upwardly Global, an organization eliminating barriers for skilled immigrants and refugees.


October 4, 2018

8:30am - 8:30pm

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided 

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INCLUSION // Understand diversity, equity and inclusion with a different lens through a deep dive into key concepts and opportunities. Develop cultural awareness and active listening skills through practical exercises and real life interactions. Leave with tangible tools and a personalized action plan to turn insights into action.

HUMAN RIGHTS // Lean into inclusion and cultural awareness while working closely with immigrants and refugees on job skill training and interview prep. Our partner, Upwardly Global, is a leading nonprofit that works exclusively with this underserved population to provide job search support and connections to employers seeking to develop a pipeline of global talent.

EXPLORATION // Explore the qualities that make us unique and the cultural differences that make us great through music, food and storytelling. In this culinary experience in one of Chicago’s most diverse neighborhoods, we’ll introduce you and your team to the people behind some of the best ethnic dishes, immigrant stories and music this city has to offer.



Discounted for C-level, heads of HR, L&D or D&I, and business unit leaders looking to pilot for a broader rollout of this or other experiences to their company or team.


"I attended Ignite's recent one-day Chicago leadership experience and was blown away - from the practical diversity, equity & inclusion training to the engagement with local immigrants and refugees, everyone left inspired and with an action plan to impact change in our lives and companies."

Debbie Nutley - Former CHRO, CNA Insurance

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connect, inspire & transform in one unforgettable day

MORNING  //  Breakfast & Opening Session: Leaders are Listeners

After breakfast and intention setting for the day, we dive into our first session: Leaders are Listeners. In this session, led by Alida Miranda-Wolff, we’ll learn how exceptional performance, collaboration, and diversity and inclusion all start with active listening. When we listen, we open ourselves up to new ideas while building trust with one another through mutual understanding. This training will teach active listening techniques, including how to ask better questions, process information, and respond meaningfully in conversation. We’ll leave with practical takeaways that improve daily interactions with people of all backgrounds, as well as a clear personal action plan.

MID-DAY  //  Community Engagement With Upwardly Global

The training sessions and learning outcomes are enhanced through real-world interaction with our high-impact social partner, Upwardly Global. We’ll facilitate meaningful one-on-one interaction around interview prep and job skill training for highly-skilled yet underemployed immigrants and refugees to help prepare them for real job interviews. This beneficial engagement also provides opportunities to improve active listening and communication skills while enhancing cultural awareness to reinforce learnings. We’ll then continue to get to know our new friends with a shared lunch from a top immigrant owned restaurant.

AFTERNOON  //  Session: Cultural Awareness at Work

After a short break after lunch to say goodbye to the job seekers from Upwardly Global, we’ll begin our second training with Alida: Cultural Awareness at Work. Being curious about the people around us creates opportunities for diversity, equity, and inclusion to take hold and thrive. This training provides helpful definitions for diversity, equity, and inclusion, how to talk about these topics, and how to create the conditions for them at work. We’ll leave understanding the power of small acts and the four best practices for fostering an inclusive workplace.

EVENING  //  Team bonding through an Ethnic Food Experience

We’ll explore an immigrant owned restaurant in one of Chicago’s most diverse neighborhoods for an unforgettable culinary experience. We'll hear their story, share in their culture, and enjoy their food and music. We’ll apply and reinforce learnings from the trainings and community engagement as we celebrate the day. Everyone will leave equipped with a 30 day action plan and inspired to apply all they’ve learned to build a more inclusive workplace.


  • COMMUNICATION  //  Increased ability to comprehend and retain critical information

  • EMPATHY  //  Increased ability to respond to colleagues and situations with empathy

  • CULTURAL AWARENESS  //  Increased ability to recognize and value diverse perspectives

  • STRATEGIC THINKING  //  Ability to articulate and apply DEI strategies to help influence a more inclusive company culture   

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Our expert facilitator for this experience, Alida Miranda-Wolff, helps growing and growth-stage companies build incredible – and incredibly diverse – company cultures that fuel their success. As the CEO and Co-Founder of Ethos, Alida puts culture first with diversity, equity, and inclusion, interviewing and onboarding, vision and values, and career development offerings. Alida spent her career managing startups, and watched people make or break them. That's why she's committed to training companies to invest in their employees as much as they ask their employees to invest in them.

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our community Engagement

Upwardly Global, our nonprofit partner for this experience, is focused on eliminating barriers for skilled immigrants and refugees and to integrate this population into the professional U.S. workforce. They are committed to building the United States into a country where skilled immigrants are seamlessly integrated into the professional workforce and the fabric of American life, and are recognized for the value they add to both.


Registration ends September 27, 2018 or as soon as the experience is registered in full. We encourage you to register as early as possible to ensure that you have plenty of time for preparations. Our experiences fill up quickly. Ignite reserves the right to cancel experiences with less than 10 confirmed individuals. If the experience does not reach this threshold we will either refund your experience fee or credit it to a future journey. 

What is included in the fee? The experience fee includes all expenses including transportation, trainings, meals, core activities and excursions, plus a philanthropic contribution to our local partner organization, Upwardly Global.

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