Ignite is a diverse and dynamic community of rising leaders (5-15 years experience) in Chicago who share a hunger for personal and professional growth. We share a desire to become a new kind of leader - one with the character and competence needed for today’s changing world. Membership for your company in the Ignite community ensures your people will have the path and people needed to thrive.

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Weekly development experiences with 200+ hours of training annually to improve leadership capabilities and team performance

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Collaboration with a network of other top Chicago companies where your employees will learn, discover new ideas and promote your brand

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Year-long development opportunities for early to middle managers and emerging leaders - personalized or company directed 

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Connection to local and global social impact organizations to inspire your employees and build your brand equity


For half the cost of a conference, you can provide year-round personal & professional development that engages & retains your rising leaders

Upcoming Experiences:

An Investment That Drives Your Business:

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  • 92% have increased leadership capabilities - they are more adaptable, competent and effective leaders prepared to drive your business goals

  • 89% say they are more motivated to contribute to the success of their company - overall increase in employee engagement, productivity & motivation

  • 87% indicate they’d stay longer at their company than they would have otherwise - employees want to grow and lead at their company