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How Purpose Drives Our Company

Why defining your mission & values upfront provides employees' purpose & meaning in their work - we all want to contribute to the “Grand Human Drama.” When employees are connected to a company’s purpose and have meaning in their work, they perform better. Positive-psychology theorists suggest that a sense of purpose is a key indicator in understanding why some people thrive and others do not. This sense of purpose connects them more easily to others in the workplace, a major contributor to employee happiness.

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Stuck Between Study Abroad & Sabbatical

Travel has long been associated with enhanced creativity, improved intelligence, better health, and connection across cultures. For companies, it can also build the employer brand and support recruiting, reduce burnout, enhance productivity and build cultural fluency. Given the benefits of travel to employers and the enthusiasm from employees for continued global engagement, there is a clear ROI for companies to integrate travel into their employee experience.

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The Power of a Shared Experience

"I am humbled and excited to introduce you to a new company - a company that understands that the power of a shared experience can not only transform a life and a community, it can make our world a more connected, equitable and compassionate place."

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