Highlights from Finding Strength Through Vulnerability


Vulnerability is not always the most popular topic for leaders, but on Tuesday, the Ignite community jumped into the deep end. Member Karrie Miner kicked things off by sharing a recent experience where her vulnerability led to an encouraging new professional relationship. Then Ignite co-founder Ryan Jeffery interviewed our guests, Sonya Jackson and Ujjwal Gupta. Here were some of the best quotes and insights from our time together.

On Image & Posturing

“As leaders, we too often put on a facade, show off, act like we know exactly what we are doing - but in reality no one knows exactly the right answer all the time,  and it’s better to just admit that.” -Ujjwal

On Listening to Our Values

“There were times when my values didn’t sync up with the work I was doing - and we all need to pay attention when that happens.”


On Transparency

“It’s easy to be transparent when things are good - it’s much harder to be transparent when things are not going well. But transparency allows the right questions to be asked, and then we can address the challenges.” -Ujjwal

On Vulnerability & Your Dreams

“Vulnerability is about admitting what you ache for what you dream for, what your heart needs - like this poem from Oriah Mountain Dreamer says.” -Sonya

It doesn’t interest me

What you do for a living

I want to know

What you ache for

And if you dare to dream

Of meeting your heart’s longing

The night ended with an invitation to continue the conversation by exploring Brene Brown’s ideas on vulnerability and leadership at our Member Meetup June 26th (register here).  

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