6 Ways Ignite Develops Stronger Leaders and Teams

How our Unconventional Curriculum Yields Powerful Business Outcomes

Ignite’s value proposition to our corporate partners is increased employee engagement, productivity and retention. We’ve orchestrated powerful journeys for 10 years, designed to connect, inspire and transform, while helping companies build a thriving and diverse culture.

Our experiences cultivate emotionally intelligent leaders capable of driving critical business outcomes, and a nontraditional approach is core to our success.

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Our curriculum is the journey itself. Our classroom is the world that we explore. Our method is to identify intentions, discover insights, and commit to action.


Seeds are planted through inspiring stories and reflection with fellow travelers. Insights emerge through community engagement and shared adventure. Within days, people commit to more effective leadership and ultimately, the best version of themselves.

Specifically, our journeys produce people who are...

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mindful & strategic

We step out of routines and comfort zones that dominate daily life, and into something new. Exposed to unique places, people and culture, our walls come down, assumptions soften and a safe environment cultivates self-awareness, purpose and a learning mindset: factors to becoming more mindful and strategic in work and all of life. 

collaborative & creative

With greater openness to who and what is in front of us, we connect, share ideas and find new lenses. Our preconceptions are deconstructed through moving human encounters leaving space and energy for innovation and teamwork. This fulfilling experience leaves us with increased capacity for collaboration and creativity.   

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empathetic & inclusive

Diversity is a hallmark of every Ignite journey. From race and ethnicity to cultural values and socio-economic status, everyone will encounter people who are different. This fertile environment allows for safe but challenging conversations on how to embrace diversity, a process that develops leaders who are more empathetic and inclusive.

The future of work isn’t simply the gig economy and AI. To remain at the forefront of our rapidly evolving workplace requires investing in people to become the best versions of themselves: mindful and strategic, collaborative and creative, empathetic and inclusive. This will make our companies a better place to work...and the world a better place to live.