4 Steps You Can Take for a Healthier Work Culture

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A supervisor speaks in a demanding tone that puts everyone on edge, or a colleague whispers a demeaning comment that you know is inappropriate. What do you do? 

At this week’s Strategy Breakfast the Ignite Community tackled courageous communication head on. With coach Ellen Burton, author of The Civility Project, we learned how to align our values to behaviors that drive respect and kindness in the workplace, which also happen to improve productivity and happiness.

Here are four quick take-aways: 

  1. Don’t Judge the Fear

    Fear is a normal and critical emotion. It indicates that something is important to us. If we shame ourselves for having fear in a difficult situation, we are more likely to shut down rather than respond in a productive way.

  2. Allow Fear to Fuel Courage

    By learning a few simple phrases, we’re better prepared to shift from a mindset of fear to courage. The next time you feel intimidated, afraid or defensive, try responding with one of these phrases: “Tell me more”, “Help me understand”, or “What I’m hearing is…”

  3. Practice the 4 Keys to Wisdom

    Humility is a major driver of respect and kindness at work. We can disarm most escalating conflicts by courageously responding with: I’m sorry, I don’t know, I need help, I was wrong. 

  4. Find a Partner

    You aren’t the only one who wants to see a healthier and more respectful culture at work. Find a colleague who shares your values and vision for courageous communication and support and challenge one another on the journey.

Ignite Leadership Development Experiences

Many of Ellen’s great insights are found in her book, The Civility Project: How to build a culture of reverence to improve wellness, productivity and profit. Our next experience is Tuesday, August 13th - The Science Behind Motivation and the Power of Belief with Victory Lap Founder and CEO, Brian Bar. See more about it and our other upcoming experiences here.

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