7 Employee Engagement Ideas That Work

Employees are a company’s greatest asset. Our people are critical to the success of our businesses. Forbes named 2018 the year of the employee experience, highlighting the importance of employee engagement, and yet effective strategies and solutions to this challenge can be rare and elusive.

We recently asked corporate executives and HR leaders across a wide range of industries to share their most successful strategies and ideas for investing in employees. What we heard included innovative approaches as well as creative variations of standard benefits and development initiatives. Here is our Top 7 List that we think will inspire and help your company become a best place to work.

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1  //  health & wellness

Contribute to the overall healthy lifestyle and holistic living of your employees.

"We focus on creating more engaging spaces that make it fun to come to work and putting more emphasis on health and wellness. We offer Meditation Mondays, wellness walks, relaxation rooms."

Jaspar Weir, President & Co-founder, TaskUs  //  Tweet This ▶️

"We give each of our Actualize Consulting employees $500 to use towards their personal wellness; whatever that means!"

Kerry Wekelo, Director of Human Resources, Actualize Consulting  //  Tweet This ▶️

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2  //  flexibility

Provide options and opportunities to maximize the needs and desires of your team.

"Once you make the team, you get extreme flexibility. So long as your work is amazing, do whatever you want, whenever and wherever. I’ve worked from a day spa, a beach, you name it."

Jessica Higgins, COO, Gapingvoid  //  Tweet This ▶️

"Flexibility… By investing in our employees' interests and freedoms, we show our team that we are interested in furthering their careers."

Shawn Rubel, CEO, Vecteezy  //  Tweet This ▶️

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3  //  shared experiences

Create relational events and opportunities that bring your team together.

"Zero Cater not only invests in office food programs for employees… Family-style meals lead to improved communication, increases in collaboration and overall make for a more productive workplace."

Ali Sabeti, COO, ZeroCater  //  Tweet This ▶️

"We rewarded 18 of our top performing consultants [and] four members of our support staff who went above and beyond. The trip, which doesn’t affect their annual leave allowance, brings together colleagues from our offices across the globe, letting them network with each other."

James Lloyd-Townshend, CEO, Anderson Frank  //  Tweet This ▶️

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4  //  culture

Don’t just build a company, build a community.

"At Zoom, we are a family and once you are hired you are part of that family, and we treat you as such. If you are having performance problems, your manager, department head, and if need be, the president and CEO will try to help you improve. If we exhaust those options, then we will look for other roles for you in the company."

Eric S. Yuan, CEO and Founder, Zoom Video Communications  //  Tweet This ▶️

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5  //  travel

Leverage the fact that employees rank travel as their most desired recognition.

"We listened to our staff and tried to come up with perks that were both unique to our culture, and also spoke directly to what I was hearing. The [highest producer] has the choice of a trip to one of a multitude of vacation destination packages... and [can] bring one guest."

Matt Rizzetta, CEO, North 6th Agency  //  Tweet This ▶️

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6  //  continued learning

Trust that investments in educational initiatives, leadership training, and other professional development will pay off in the long term.

"We’ve learned... that employees want to reach education goals, but face barriers like time, money and support. We offer leadership development programs and... are piloting a partnership with Guild Education to offer tuition assistance, access to online degrees and college advising support for employees."

Bjorn Erland, VP of People & Experience, Taco Bell  //  Tweet This ▶️

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7  //  make the world a better place

Finding ways for your employees to benefit humanity and the planet creates purpose and productivity.

"We sponsored 58 Syrian refugees to come to our city.  One unintended consequence of this was massive employee engagement.  Much as I would like to think making another 10,000 freezers is motivational, the staff finds helping the world is more inspiring."

Jim Estill, CEO, Danby Appliances  //  Tweet This ▶️

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