we exist to provide experiences that benefit humanity and the planet

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who are we?

We are globally minded change-makers who believe in the power of connection to inspire and transform. We have a decade of experience providing transformational journeys that unite, empower and unleash resources that improve the world.

our story

As a marketing consultant for Fortune 500 companies and a leader for fast growth start-ups, Rich and Ryan found themselves working hundred hour weeks, living out of suitcases in sterile hotel rooms, and attending far too many meaningless happy hours. Like so many, they were searching for purpose, connection and the opportunity to be part of something bigger than themselves.

This led Rich on a journey to Africa, where, after conversations with local leaders, he was inspired to step into the social sector, co-founding Spark Ventures in 2006 - a nonprofit focused on international community development. Along the way, Spark Ventures began to facilitate engagement trips for the mutual benefit of supporters and partner communities abroad. Meeting the desire that people had for deeper connection and inspiration led to hundreds participating in these journeys to Africa and Latin America.

Meanwhile, Ryan was an early founder at fast growing technology start-up, where he experienced firsthand the endless challenge surrounding employee engagement and retention. Employees were expecting and demanding more - traditional training and employee benefits were not enough. People wanted to connect and contribute to the world in meaningful ways and if companies didn’t offer this, employees would look elsewhere. Feeling this desire himself, Ryan ventured to Nicaragua with Rich and Spark Ventures and he immediately realized how this powerful experience could benefit companies and their employees.

After hundreds of conversations and meetings, numerous wrong turns, some generous advisors, and two great dogs, Ryan and Rich founded Ignite, with the mission to provide experiences that benefit humanity and the planet. At Ignite, we are energized by the growing demand from individuals and companies to pursue purpose, social responsibility and global citizenship. Through continued collaboration with Spark Ventures, deep relationships with our community partners and an extensive background engaging and developing employees, we are uniquely positioned to provide experiences that lead to powerful connection and transformation. We can’t wait to show you how an experience can change your world.

our experiences

Curated & Turn-Key

Others facilitate projects, but leave out cultural immersion, relationship building, and adventure. We start with deeply rooted partnerships and curate comprehensive and powerful experiences that companies and individuals can easily take part in.

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Engage vs. Volunteer

All too often, volunteering is about a hand out, not a hand up. Instead, our community engagement is about learning, authentic exchange and activities that are culturally powerful and mutually beneficial

Lasting Impact

Our community engagement is planned with lasting impact as a primary focus. Our partnerships are long-term, much deeper and more comprehensive than a single touch-point during any specific experience.

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Our powerfully crafted itineraries include experiences that inspire, connect and transform. We provide one of a kind, purposeful journeys that lead to personal growth and professional development.

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the values

that we live by are incorporated into everything we do. From how we put together our experiences to who we hire, from how we engage with our customers and community partners to what shapes our decision making and strategy.

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Move Mountains

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Inspire the World

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Be a Global Citizen

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Communicate with Purpose

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Build a Community


Our Values

Move Mountains

Be proactive and responsive.
Take ownership.
Go the extra mile in pursuit of growth, impact and quality.
Make your mark.

Inspire the World

Think big.
Be bold.
Improve the world through your passion, creativity and goodness.

Be a Global Citizen

Strive to be the greatest version of yourself and an ambassador for a better world.
Act with integrity.
Do the right thing in the best possible way.

Communicate with Purpose

Stay honest.
Interact in an open and constructive way.

Build a Community

Cultivate deep, diverse and respectful relationships.
Genuinely care about everyone you interact with.
Champion teamwork.
Enjoy the journey.

don’t take our word for it


We are always interested in meeting others who share our values. Whether you're considering one of our experiences for your company, would like to travel individually, or are interested in joining our team, drop us a note so we can connect.